Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Hans and Olaf get the 8-bit treatment thanks to the folks at CineFix.

Seems like no one can really "let it go," so now we have an 8-bit version of Disney's juggernaut, 'Frozen'. The tale of sisterly love and being true to oneself has been condensed to all of the good plot points, meaning none of the musical numbers have been remade. The soundtrack, however, has been translated into the chiptune format and can be heard in all of its glory playing in the background.

The best part about this SNES-era, JRPG-styled video is the succinct dialogue. It's pretty hilarious when we see Hans betray Anna and simply say, "Yeah, but I don't love you. I just want your kingdom. Stay here and freeze to death." He's probably the one with the frozen heart.

Check out the video above and relive the classic moments of Disney's 'Frozen' through the lens of an old school video game.