Every city has its bad area, that's a given. It also seems that many Twin Falls residents believe that all of Twin is the bad area. I don't believe that. I love the part of town I live in. Then stories like the one I just read online come along and don't help ease any fears.

In the private Facebook group Twin Falls Buy, Sell, Trade there is a post that showed up yesterday and already has 91 comments and 81 reactions. The post states that residents in the neighborhood near Canyon Ridge High School need to be careful because there are sketchy people out at night looking into cars and being shady when confronted.

Twin Falls Robberies Facebook

People are obviously (and rightly so) upset that their neighborhood could be less safe than they'd hope for. Some even suggest being ready to confront the criminals with gunfire if needed.

Have you had any issues lately in your neighborhood with random people looking into cars?