Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - The group who paid the state of Idaho Department Of Lands almost a million dollars for the rights to attempt a jump across the Snake River Canyon has officially called off his planned event for 2014.

According to a post to his website this past weekend, Beckley said, “For those of you who have not heard we are not doing the Snake River Canyon Jump this year and who knows yet if we ever will do it.”
Beckley went on to say that they are still trying to get a media partner for 2015, but “will not get back until we get that big TV deal we thought we had until FOX TV backed out.”
Beckley said he is not an ego maniac that will do something other than a motorcycle jump over the Canyon. He has said no to a simple rocket launch adding that any jump will be with a motorcycle based vehicle not simply a rocket on a rail. This was always supposed to be a Jump over the Snake River Canyon not a rocket launch, Beckley said.
On his site, he said, “If no TV Network wants to pay us several million dollars to do this the way we have told people we would do it then we shall walk away. We are not going to sink any more money in that project until we see some huge return on our money.

I was never going to do this “because it needed to be done” I was doing this strictly for the business aspect and there is no reason to take risks for the heck of it. It is in God’s hands and we shall follow his lead wherever this jumping career takes us.”
The jump was planned around the 40th anniversary of Evil Knievel’s attempted jump of the canyon.