BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) --A confidential FBI source testified Monday that Boise may have been among the intended targets of terrorism suspect Fazliddin Kurbanov. The informant met Kurbanov in January 2013 at a truck-driving school in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The suspect had gone there in hopes of getting a job, while the informant had been planted in the class by the FBI. The FBI source said Kurbanov told him he wanted to detonate a bomb at a public park during a Fourth of July celebration.

The suspect allegedly said a Boise park would make a good target due to the crowds and high number of military families that would be in attendance. Ann Morrison Park, which hosts Boise's fireworks show and all-day activities, drew thousands of people on Independence Day this year.

Kurbanov told the source his other preferred target would be a military base. He drove to the Mountain Home Air Force Base near Boise to check out the location, he said. Kurbanov told the source the FBI increased their surveillance of him after he visited the air base. He ultimately set his sights instead on bombing a military installment in New York or Texas, according to the witness.