It's always a lot of fun when someone who doesn't live in Idaho thinks they can declare who does what best in our state. Thrillist has made a claim about who has the best beer in Idaho. Did they get it right?

According to their suds "experts", Bittercreek Ale House in Boise has the best beer bar in Idaho. Why you ask? Oh, you didn't ask? Please play along. Here's their reasoning.

This year, Idaho's finest brewers -- including Crooked Fence, Edge, Sockeye, and Payette -- came out to celebrate Bittercreek's 20th anniversary of being the best damned beer bar in the state of Idaho, offering up everything from tart wheats to a honey & dandelion brown made in collaboration with the bar.

I don't drink, so I have no idea about Bittercreek's beer. I do know that this is the worst beer dancing I've ever seen. Real nice Pee Wee Herman outfit, though.