'Reckless Road: Guns N' Roses and the Making of 'Appetite for Destruction,'' Marc Canter's 2007 book about the early days of GNR, is in the process of being turned into a movie. According to the author, it will not be a documentary, but a proper biopic.

The news was broken on a thread at MyGNRForum, and Canter chimed in with all the news he could give about the project. Saying that it has "been in the works for about four months," he adds that it will be made "by people that will do it right...I do have a big say-so on the script which is still being put together now but so far looking cool."

As a childhood friend of Slash, Canter, the owner of Canter's Deli in Los Angeles, was around the band a lot in its early days and served as their official photographer. He says that nobody has been cast yet, but is expecting some big names to sign on once the script is ready. Canter also hopes that it will have Axl Rose's blessing.

"As you all know Axl doesn't support anything to do with the old band except playing their songs live," he added in a different post. "However I do think he will be happy with the fact that it will clear up some stories that have been said about him from those days that were told incompletely. So setting the record straight on some of those events will be a good thing for him to see happen. Axl should know by now that I have his back and that it will be done right."

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