Hailey, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - After a year of protests from a group of Blaine County students opposed to traveling circuses, citing alleged animal abuse. It looks like the circus is, in fact, coming to town.

Ever since they learned about the Jordan World Circus last year, The Elephant Student Project has been marching from city council meeting to city council meeting, educating decision makers on why they think traveling animal circuses should not be allowed. The Elephant Student Project’s protesting didn’t stop the traveling animal circus from coming to town last summer.

The Hailey City Council decided whether or not to approve a permit request for the Jordan World Circus to return. During the city council meeting, Fritz Haemmerle, the Mayor of Hailey, made it clear that he likes circuses and he’s not willing to pass an ordinance banning animal circuses based on what he calls, “public correctness.” The Hailey City Council voted in favor of allowing the Jordan World Circus to return in June..