Social media has been abuzz the last few days with everyone gearing up for the first of many GOP debates for the 2016 presidential run.

Meme's, articles, videos... everyone seems to have their favorites and least favorites.

After last night's debate appeared on Fox News, and Pullitzer Prize winning fact-checker unleashed their signature Truth-O-Meter, weighing in on some of the truthful, and not so truthful, statements made. also had some comments.

Let's see how the candidates did:

  • 1

    Donald Trump

    The Mexican government "sends the bad ones [immigrants] over."

    On their truth-o-meter, Politifact gives it their most untruthful rating of Pants on Fire.

  • 2

    John Kasich

    Says he took Ohio from an $8 billion hole to a $2 billion surplus.

    Politifact says Kasich passed almost unscathed with their second-to-highest rating of "Mostly True."

  • 3

    Marco Rubio

    Says Hillary's been in office for more time than "anybody else running here tonight."

    "Mostly false," says Politifact. Kasich and Perry outdo Hillary with 30+ years of government experience to Hillary's... well, it depends on how you count it. If senator and secretary of state years count, it's 12. If it's first lady (not really an appointed or elected office) it's 19'ish. If you really stretch and count first lady of Arkansas then that would bring it up to 31, but as Politifact notes, Clinton held a private position as an attorney at Rose Law Firm during much of this time, so, "It's not equivalent to the responsibilities of first lady of the United States," says Politifact.

  • 4

    Jeb Bush

    False. shows that Switzerland, Norway, and Luxembourg all spend more per student on primary and secondary education.

  • 5

    Rick Perry

    Says he oversaw the creation of 1.5 million in Texas, better than the country's 400,000.

    Mostly True, says Politifact. The numbers check out, though he did cherry-pick a particular period in his governorship to pad the numbers from his total tenure a bit.

  • 6

    Mike Huckabee

    Obamacare robbed Medicare of $700 billion. has covered this false claim many, many times over the past 3 years, including when Huckabee ran in 2012 and said the same thing. Obamacare called for reducing the future growth of spending payments to hospitals and Medicare Advantage payments. This has been shown to actually benefit Medicare. The full story can be found here.

  • 7

    Scott Walker

    Says Wisconsin's unemployment rate was 8% before he took office, 4.6% now.

    True, says Factcheck points out that Wisconsin's job growth rate ranks 34th in the country, but it seems like growth rate would naturally slow down when jobs are already filled and unemployment is low. Less jobs to fill.

  • 8

    Donald Trump

    Says he's worth $10 billion.

    Factcheck couldn't really say flat out, cut-and-dry "false", but it does say "There’s ample reason to think he’s exaggerating," since virtually all estimates, including one from Trump himself just two months earlier in June, state lower figures. More on that here.