After the recent wave of clown threats that are circulating around the valley, we found this interview of an Idaho clown who speaks out about how the clown threats are affecting those in the clown industry.

This interview was conducted by KHQ News reporter Cynthia Johnson in Spokane, WA.  The clown goes by the name, ‘Sunrise the Clown’ has been working as a clown for 34 years in Harrison, Idaho.

Sunrise tells KHQ News that the threats are making it hard for clowns to do their job because people are now afraid of them.

I wanted to talk to some clowns around the Twin Falls area but couldn’t find any. Besides there being a clown shortage in the Magic Valley area, I don’t know that I recommend anybody picking up that slack. It's really no laughing matter. If everyone is afraid of clowns, it might be a short lived career path.