BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) -- A bill signed by Gov. Butch Otter moves up Idaho's presidential primary from May to March.

The Secretary of State's Office estimates it will cost Idaho taxpayers $2 million, and county election officials told KTVB the change will create some challenges. "This is going to be a big change for the state," said Ada County Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane. "We'll have the presidential primary in March and then we'll have the primary for the remaining offices in May."

He says that means he''ll have to hire more staff next year. SB1066, passed by the House and Senate and signed by the governor this week, establishes the new March presidential primary in Idaho. It will be held on the same day as school bond and levy elections. He added the change will increase participation while raising Idaho's profile.

But the price of that influence is a high one. While debating the bill, a number of lawmakers objected to taxpayers covering the cost for political party events.