CALDWELL (KTVB) -- A registered sex offender who had been out of prison for less than a year when he tried to lure a teenage girl into his SUV has been sentenced to prison.

Alejandro Fernandez Gonzalez, 33, received a 20 year sentence. He will have to spend at least a decade behind bars before becoming eligible for parole. The sentence will run consecutively to his sentence from a a 2008 conviction for sexual abuse or exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Gonzalez had 9 1/2 years left on that sentence when he was paroled in 2014.

He was arrested by the Caldwell Police Department in April after trying to lure a 15-year-old into his vehicle as the girl walked home from school. The teen told officers that Gonzalez had repeatedly walked up to her, tried to hold her hand and kiss her, and tried to get her into his SUV.

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Gonzalez admitted to police that he had been trying to lure the girl into his car, and said he had hoped kissing her would lead to sex. He said he had also tried to entice another underage girl, but she ran away from him.

Judge Christopher Nye condemned Gonzalez's actions during Tuesday's sentencing.

"This is the kind of thing that is a nightmare for parents; I can't imagine anything scarier," he said. "It is just luck that it didn't go any farther."

Deputy Prosecutor Erica Kallin said the defendant was likely to re-offend.

"Mr. Gonzalez is a predator in every sense of the word," she said. "He was only out of prison for less than a year before he tried to prey on another young victim. There is no doubt he belongs behind bars where he can no longer be a danger to society."