TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT)-There is a phone scam in Twin Falls County. A man under the fake identity of Officer Dwight Garrison is calling under false pretenses on behalf of the judicial system. Among other things the scammer can say that there is a warrant out for your arrest, and a fine that goes along with it. Jury commissioner, Jerry Woolley cautions unsuspecting victims,

"An officer from Twin Falls County calling them and saying that they failed to appear for jury service, they signed some kind of certified letter, there's a warrant out for their arrest... we do not have anything going on like that.. there is no warrant for any juror in Twin Falls County for your arrest, it is a total scam. Sometimes he goes into wanting money for some type of bond, sometimes he never gets to the point of money."

Commissioner Woolley reminds you not to give out any personal information or any money.  The Commissoner says that the caller has actively used the county 736-4040 number and cautions that he sounds legitimate.  The Sheriff's Office is actively pursuing the information they do have to track down "Dwight Garrison."