Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The Twin Falls School District is addressing parent's concerns regarding overcrowding on buses. Due to a lack of bus drivers some routes have been doubled up; however the buses still remain under capacity.

There has also been a concern of buses running on time, which falls under the same problem of fewer drivers running more routes. Western states and other bus companies are having trouble finding drivers and there are many jobs going unfilled. "It's not just an issue in Twin Falls, almost every district in our region has a shortage of drivers right now, and so there's just a real need for bus drivers.

As we bring those additional drivers back in we will be able to split the routs back up and add additional drivers and buses to the routs, which will alleviate the problems that we're having”, explains Brady Dickinson Director of Operations for the Twin Falls School District. Out of twenty four routes twenty are running transporting nearly 3,000 students each day.