SUN VALLEY, Id. ( KMVT / KSVT ) - 30 year old Edwin Mission, a Sun Valley Company employee originally from the Philippines, was found dead in a creek on Sunday morning in Sun Valley.

Police said Mission most likely died from hypothermia. Evidence suggests Mission got lost on his way home after an evening out with friends.

“What we have tracked so far is Edwin went out with a coworker and went downtown Ketchum to a bar to watch the NBA All Star Game. He left his friend around 8:30 that night. At 10:30 that night, the people who are out of state, were staying at a home in Bitterroot, could hear what they described as incoherent kind of drunk man’s voice behind the house. And so the next morning is when they looked out and they saw Edwin laying in the creek bed of Trail Creek,” said Walt Femling, Chief of Police for Sun Valley.

Femling says unfortunately, this is not the first time he’s seen this type of accident in the Wood River Valley and encourages you to call the police if you ever see anyone that looks like they’re struggling to get home.