POCATELLO, Idaho (KLIX) Idaho wildlife officials relocated a rather large family of cats from a neighborhood in Pocatello last week.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game found a new home for a family of mountain lions found in the Johnny Creek area. The mother lion and three kittens made the urban setting their home. Fish and Game says the mother would stash her kills in the back yards of the foothills neighborhood. On January 19, staff with the help of an experienced hound hunter were able to capture the three kittens.

The mother took a little more time to catch. The mother was tagged with a radio collar to monitor the family's progress. Eventually the mountain lion family was relocated to a more remote habitat. Fish and Game says this is the first capture and release of an entire mountain lion family by he agency.

Two crates hold three mountain lion kittens which were captured in the Johnny Creek area of Pocatello and later released with their mother in a more remote habitat. Photo courtesy Idaho Department of Fish and Game