Congratulations, Nevada. Remember all those lists that were putting you down? Forget that. Some lunatic - er - I mean expert just named you the best state of the Southwest.

There's a guy who writes for Thrillist who decided he would determine the best southwestern state. The best part is it's based on no scientific data whatsoever. It's just his opinion. I have no doubt that this will severely tick off everyone from Colorado as he put them at #6. The fact that Colorado people are mad should make you smile all by itself.

How did he reach this decision? Simple. It's his list. Here's part of what made Nevada win the day with him.

...there may be no better state for outdoors enthusiasts, and that's not a joke. There are mountains and state parks and national parks and forests and rivers and lakes in every single state, but few major cities can claim all of these things within an hour's drive from the city, and most within a half-hour's drive. Las Vegas and Reno can.

I am so happy for you, Nevada. You finally get an honor that has nothing to do with crime and/or the Mafia.