RATHDRUM, Idaho (AP) — An off-duty lieutenant with Kootenai Fire and Rescue knew he was looking at a dangerous situation when he heard screams and raced out of his home to see smoke pouring from his neighbors' house in Rathdrum, Idaho.

KHQ-TV of Spokane, Washington, reports that Lt. John Ward found the front of his neighbors' house ablaze Monday evening. At the back of the home, a father and daughter were standing, distressed, because their disabled mother was still inside, as were several family pets.

Ward says he kept looking into the home underneath the smoke and rescued several family pets, then finally saw the woman trying to crawl across the floor. He says he knew he had to go in when he saw her head 12 feet from the door. Ward dragged the woman out. Less than a minute later, the smoke at the back of the house turned to flames.

KHQ reports the family members are being treated for minor injuries and smoke inhalation.