First, I want to give credit where credit is due. I did not know about this until a listener clued me into it a few weeks ago. I was not alive in 1931 and you probably weren't either. But, it was that year that Rupert decided they were gonna get rid of rabbits. WARNING: you will not enjoy this movie if you are a rabbit or a person that loves them.

Here's the description from the weliveintwinfalls YouTube channel:

Dr. F. H. Kenagy's home movie of an effort by farmers and ranchers near Rupert, Idaho to reduce the number of jack rabbits that ate their crops. Circa 1931.

Rabbits eat crops. That's a solid rabbit fact. In this modern era, we know there are lots of ways to keep rabbits away from plants. In 1931, the solution was hatchets and axes. If I had the chance to pick, I would prefer my own squadron of golden eagles.

If you love animals, it's not easy to watch rabbits get hacked. But, keep in mind this was in 1931 when farmers and families would not be able to eat if these rabbits destroyed their crops.

Were you aware of this history in Rupert or is this news to you, too?