STANLEY, Idaho (KTVB) - The search was suspended Monday for a Burley man who was last seen diving from a boat into Redfish Lake. Joel Castro Juarez, 23, was boating on the lake approximately 200 yards from Point Campground on July 25 when he jumped from his boat to retrieve a piece of clothing, according to the Custer County Sheriff's Office. According to Custer County officials, Juarez - who wasn't wearing a life jacket - was quickly overcome by cold water shock and had trouble returning to the boat.

Two people who were in Juarez's boat jumped in the water to save him, but had difficulty lifting him back into the boat and were quickly overcome by the cold water themselves. Officials say the area in which Juarez was last seen is in deep water. A search ensued, and it continued on Sunday.

The search resumed early Monday morning and continued into the afternoon, officials said, but there was still no sign of Juarez. By late afternoon Monday, all search efforts were suspended by the sheriff's office because of poor weather and the depth of the water in the search area. The sheriff's office said the search will resume in coming weeks, when a contracted team with deep-water sonar equipment is available.