TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- Water flowing over Shoshone Falls and Pillar Falls were noticeably higher Tuesday. 

Water levels in areas of the river also seemed higher Mike Beus, Bureau of Reclamation Water Operations Manager, says flows are up because of fish, "we're increasing flow below Milner for the ESA required salmon augmentation program. But, irrigation demand is relatively low after cool weather and precipitation, so the total flow at Minidoka and American Falls are normal to a little lower than normal."

Twin Falls Canal Company General Manager Brian Olmstead says "we've cut back about a third on our canals." He says with the recent rains dumping anywhere from an inch to two inches this week help with irrigation. "It's been good for stretching the water supply out some." Olmstead says that is not so good for farmers with a first cut of hay. Last year the same thing happened, but with more rain.

According to Idaho Power's website a flow monitoring station reported a considerable jump in flows from Monday to Tuesday. Water going past the Kimberly station on Monday reported 317 cubic feet per second of water flowing, by Tuesday in the same area water flows were at around 1770 cfs. On Tuesday the City of Twin Falls reported 2000 cfs going over the Shoshone Falls.

How long can you expect to see the current flows on the river and Shoshone Falls? Beus says a little more than a month "We have at least three weeks when our augmentation program will continue and then Idaho Power will probably keep the flows close to that for another two weeks."