Someone has made a fan film reenacting the creepy gameplay of P.T., the playable teaser of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's Silent Hills.

Youtube user Il Gunner Games has posted an elaborate and frightening reenactment of P.T. This fan film relives the repetitive nature of P.T. along with its constantly growing rate of frights. From its slow, first-person visuals to the sound effects, this video did well at capturing everything we loved about P.T. Our only complaint would be that everything was a lot brighter than it should have been, but the footsteps, creaks, screams, monster-like noises and door slamming were all properly included (even that creepy baby thing).

At first, the paranormal phenomena of this P.T. fan film were minimal, just like its source material. After a few cycles through the apartment, things continuously got more frightening. We loved the effect with the alarm clocks and the film's nod to P.T.'s ending as well.

Unfortunately, Silent Hills has yet to have any sort of launch window attached to it, nor does it have any other confirmed consoles for it besides the PlayStation 4.

Is Resident Evil creepier than Silent Hill? You decide.