Sun Valley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - The Sun Valley City Council is in another heated legal debate, this time with its own city attorney, Adam King. According to Sun Valley's Mayor, Dewayne Briscoe, the billing rate established in King's contract in 2009 was $205 an hour. Briscoe says City Council members recently discovered that somewhere in 2011, King started billing at a rate of $230 an hour. The city treasurer determined there is an amount in excess of $36,000 that could be considered over billing.

"The change occurred during the previous administration under the former mayor. And it was ascertained by what the mayor had said also, that he felt the city attorney should have a raise. And so he said he granted the raise, but he never sent it to the city council for revision of the contract," said Sun Valley’s Mayor, Dewayne Briscoe.

Today the city council decided in order to determine if King owes money to the city, their next step is to go to the Idaho State Bar and ask for arbitration.