In the spirit of Halloween, you need to know that there is a hot tub in Twin Falls that may be stalking you right now. It's free on Twin Falls Craigslist and you can just tell by looking at it that its a fan of Stephen King books.

Understatement of the year: "Needs tlc".

I know this baby is gonna go fast, so just in case the listing is taken down, here's what it looks like on Twin Falls Craigslist.

Twin Falls Craigslist

I have two favorite things in this listing. 1. the guy's finger covering the left side of the pic and 2. the part about the hot tub needing "tlc".

Understatement of the year: "Needs tlc".

But, hey, it's a FREE hot tub. So, if you have bucket loads of "tlc", you could make something out of this. But, if you take this guy up on his offer and take this beauty to your home, don't be surprised if you wake up at night and see this hot tub standing over your bed.

If that happens, remember I told you so.