TWIN FALLS, Id. (KMVT-KSVT) The Twin Falls County Commissioner accepted two grants totaling $132,000 for two important county programs. First, Twin Falls County and the Bureau of Land Management will continue to team up to prevent and control noxious weeds.

The commissioners approved an $81,000 grant from the BLM to keep that partnership running for another year. Both sides benefit from the partnership. The BLM is able to utilize its employees in other departments and areas across Southern Idaho. The county gets a full-time staff that can handle these damaging weeds on a daily basis. The commissioners also accepted a $51,000 Millennium Grant to help fund the Status Offenders Program for another year.

Benito Baeza

The programs is designed to help at risk youth before a serious crime is committed. The diversion program is able to communicate with youth who have either been in trouble for runaways, skipping school, smoking or alcohol. The funds will go to help educate those youth and their families of the risks of bad behavior at a young age. The county has been running this program for well over a decade and say they have seen great results.