Wendell, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Patrons in the Wendell School District voted against the plant facility levy and a twenty year school bond on Tuesday.

The 10 year $250,000 Plant Facilities Reserve Fund Levy picked up 312 in favor and 184 against. That’s 62.9% in favor.

The 20 year $1.5-million dollar picked up 317 in favor and 171 against which was 64.96% in favor. Both fell short of the 66.7% super majority that was needed for the bond and levy to pass.

Superintendent Greg Lowe with the Wendell School District said he felt that the turnout was low considering there are roughly 2000 homes in the district. The superintendent said the district board will need to look at how to deal with the immediate needs. First and foremost the High School Gym roof needs repair. Then, Lowe said, there is the long term maintenance issues. The board has many options to consider which may include running the request past the patrons again in six months.