Update (9/23/14 @ 9:16a) – Per Josh Palmer, City Spokesperson:

  • Boil Order has been lifted.
  • Continue to conserve water.
  • Intersection of Orchard and Washington is still closed. Hoping to get it reopened by next week.  Avoid the area. Crews are working on this area.

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Update 9/23/2014 9:02am - Josh Palmer has just reported that the boil order has been lifted.  Residents are asked to continue to conserve water. The intersection of Orchard and Washington is still closed and workers hope to have it reopened by next week. Avoid the area.

City Of Twin Falls Water Boil Mandate

Earlier this morning a water pipe broke at the Washington and Orchard intersection. Many houses lost water completely and others saw a drop in water pressure. Shortly after the break we were told that houses south of Park Ave need to boil their water for safety reasons. But how far south does that go?

Right now (and until further notice) all houses south of Park Ave to Orchard and between Washington and Harrison are the homes that will need to boil their water.