Each area of the world has its own nuances and phrases. It can be something as simple as what you call soda, pop, coke. There are some phrases that mean something completely different to people who grew up in Twin Falls than to those who grew up elsewhere. It took me some time to learn them all.


  • 1

    Burley women

    In other places, that might sound like a strong woman. If you grew up around here you know it just means women who are in Burley or from Burley. Most of them are incredibly strong as well.

  • 2


    Other places that might sound like someone is throwing rocks at people. That is not encouraged. Around Twin Falls it is a critter that kind of looks like a large ground hog. They are also vermin.

  • 3

    Stake dances

    To some people, that might mean a dance where you eat a lot of steaks before. Like a prom or something. Nope, this is a dance for teens that have a church influence. Also a lot of fun.

  • 4

    Go jump off the bridge

    By itself, it sounds mean. Like someone is telling you to get lost. Around here, that is a sign of fun. BASE jumping is loved. It is also fun to watch.

  • 5

    Want to see my guns?

    In other places, that sounds a lot like showing off upper body strength. You know, that person with huge muscles. No, not here, they mean their guns, their collection of guns.

  • 6

    Want to go on a day trip?

    In other places it sounds like a nice drive, maybe an hour, to go and do some fun stuff and return. Nah, around here a day trip could be a 6-hour drive one way for some fun, and yes, still returning home the same day.

  • 7

    What is that smell?

    It could be someone who smelled a car that was burning oil, maybe they drove by and could smell a fast food restaurant. Around here there are only two answers: "money" or "I don't know".

  • 8

    Fry sauce

    People may think you just forgot the name of Ketchup or Ranch. Nope, around here, fry sauce is kind. The perfect blend of mayonnaise and ketchup and the occasional addition of dill or barbecue sauce. So good.

  • 9

    Go to hell

    Again, it sounds like someone is being really mean if you aren't from around here. But no, they mean Hell's Canyon which is a super popular and beautiful place to do some hiking, water rafting and more.

  • 10

    I'm a vandal

    No, they don't mean they are a criminal that likes to destroy things, although Boise State fans might think so. It just means they graduated from the University of Idaho, which is their mascot.

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