There are lots of jokes and phrases that get used over and over and over again. Whether they are dad jokes or from out of towners, Idahoans are over these cringe worthy phrases. They need to just go away.


  • 1

    Idaho? You-da-ho

    HAHAHAHAhahah....not. This joke has never really been funny. I mean say it all you want but you're just going to get eye rolls and scoffs. Sure, we have all said it at one point in our lives right? But once is enough.

  • 2

    "There's nothing to do here"

    Oh my goodness, do you not go outside? There is so much to do here it is insane! Camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, ice fishing, tons of restaurants, kayaking options, lakes, rivers, swimming holes, hot springs, waterfalls. There is so much to explore.

  • 3

    "Idaho is just potatoes"

    Sure Idahoans love our potatoes but we also are a huge producer of sugar beets, lentils, trout and caviar. Idaho has lots of breweries, distilleries and wineries too.

  • 4

    "Idaho, Iowa, Ohio"

    The mix up between these three states is so weird to me. Iowa and Ohio I get to a certain extent because they are at least generally in close proximity. Idaho is in the Pacific Northwest, not even close.

  • 5

    "I just moved here"

    I am not sure if Idahoans are just not friendly to people who just move here or if it is just the fact that Idaho is growing so fast. But if you tell someone from Idaho that you just moved here you might get an eye roll.

  • 6

    "The weather sucks"

    But does it though? Sure it has some drastic changes sometimes but we don't get many tornados or many earthquakes. The snow isn't even as bad as many places. The one thing that really sucks here is the wind. Otherwise it isn't bad.

  • 7

    Insult Idaho at all

    If you insult Idaho in any way, shape or form you are probably going to get some side looks. Idahoans love Idaho, there is a lot of pride in this state. If you insult it people might get a bit angry

  • 8

    "I will just leave this here"

    Oh no, don't litter. Pack it in, pack it out. Littering happens from locals and tourist and transplants, it doesn't matter. No littering!

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