There has to be something special about growing up in Idaho. There are so many things kids can get away with doing here that they can't get away with anywhere else. We have a list of some of the things only kids can get away with in Idaho that other kids can't.


  • 1

    Playing hooky from school for opening day of the hunt

    Oh, yea, chances are their parents are going with them and they called in sick to work that day too. If you drew on a tag then one day of school is worth a freezer full of delicious meat.

  • 2

    Keeping a shotgun and rack in their truck

    Don't take it to school kids, but I know more teens who have a shotgun on a rack in their truck than more adults. You never know when you're going to need to get a rock chuck or cottontail.

  • 3

    Driving under the age of 14

    Most Idaho kids know how to drive by the time they are 14 because they grew up driving farm equipment, four-wheelers, maybe even daddy's truck. And they have probably been driving since they were tall enough to reach the pedals.

  • 4

    Wearing shorts in January

    It can get so cold here but we all know that one kid who wears shorts year-round, no matter how much the wind is blowing or snow is on the ground.

  • 5

    Ditching a dance or family get together for the rodeo

    Whether it is because they are participating or just want to watch, rodeo is a big deal around here. Most parents understand letting their kids go to the rodeo. I dare say more kids go to the rodeo than prom.

  • 6

    Fishing (or even boating) in the canals

    It is not something you are supposed to do, but I know people do it. Fishing is fine just don't kayak or take a small tin boat through the canals. That is dangerous. But I have seen more kids fishing in canals than Dierkes Lake.

  • 7

    Throwing cow pies (or other animal poop) at their friends

    I have literally watched a teen boy pick up frozen elk dropping and throw them at his sister, who proceeded to throw it back. Cow pie wars are a thing too.

  • 8

    Mudding in a 4 wheeler

    That is just some good fun right there. Get all muddy driving through the mountains, seeing how much mud you can cake on that vehicle.

  • 9

    Forking a lawn

    I had no idea this was a thing until recently. Apparently, Twin Falls teens will go to someone's house and stick plastic forks up in their lawns. Like, completely covering the lawn in plastic forks.

  • 10

    Mooing at free range cows

    Ok, I have to admit I do this too. Mooing at a cow is a must when you see it. Especially the free-range cows that might be blocking the road. MOOOO

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