The sun is starting to set on the summer. We know how distraught you are at the thought of going back to school, getting out your sweaters and catching the occasional flu.

Before you say goodbye to summer, though, you need to do a few things first because ending the season with a whimper would be a disappointment.  Here are 10 ways you can end your summer with a bang.

1. Go streaking while the old people are doing water aerobics at your local pool.

2. Drive a golf cart off of a cliff, but successfully jump out before you perish.

3. Drink a bunch of margaritas and do the Tequila dance from ‘Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure’ at your local biker bar.

4. Do a belly-flop dressed in a chicken costume.

5. Make out with that hot bartender you’ve been eyeing all summer, and then never call.

6. Go to Colonial Williamsburg and try to get the historical re-enactors to admit they actually live in present day.

7. Steal a baby seal from Sea World.

8. Help hot freshmen move into their dorms on move in day.

9. Down a Four Loko in one swig.

10. Spend a day trying to defend Todd Akin. Heck, spend five minutes.

11. Stop the Good Humor man and make a couple of off-color jokes to find out just how good his humor really is.

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