Mitt Romney’s campaign might have a problem with inspiring a lot of enthusiasm, but one interesting idea from entrepreneur and noted hair trendsetter Donald Trump may pique a lot of interest in the Republican candidate: pick Donald Trump to be Romney’s running mate.

Trump’s idea might sound crazy (which we realize is redundant), but it’s not without its merits for Romney’s campaign and the rest of us.

1. Romney could get a “two for one” in the deal by also appointing Trump’s hair as secretary of the interior.

2. They both like firing people.

3. It’ll be the closest we’ll ever get to having Gary Busey as the drug czar.

4. Trump can help Romney win the “tin foil hat” vote without having to vow to declare war on Green Bay, Wisconsin.

5. It might make Ed Schultz’s huge head finally explode.

6. With all the gold he would paint on all of Washington DC’s government buildings, the whitest thing about the White House would be Mitt Romney.

7. The Biden-Trump debate would feature ring announcer Michael Buffer introducing both candidates and kicking things off by screaming “Let’s get ready to gaffe!”

8. Trump would have the most experience in dealing with massive private bankruptcies since he’s bankrupted more than his fair share of casinos.

9. The way the economy is heading, we could use a good laugh.

10. Going on the campaign trail means tons of hilarious videos of Trump trying not to look sick from having to shake so many hands without rubber gloves.

11. Technically, going from reality TV show star to vice president makes him less powerful.

12. It would prevent another season of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’

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