Love is in the air(ball).

Sports and romance go together like the Cubs and (broken) curses. Love is a central part of tennis – it’s what you have when you’ve yet to score, even though you feel like you’ve got everything you need when you have love.

In sports and in life, so many of us are on a quest for a ring – engagement and wedding for some, Super Bowl and World Series for others.

When someone is good with the ladies we say he’s got game or is a player. When someone hones in on a hottie, his friends will tell him she’s out of his league. We recruit a wingman to help us score when we court – or hit on – someone. And when we finally win someone over, we call him or her our boo, which is what we do to the opposing team.

Still don’t see the connection? How about the fact our hearts race when we see someone who captivates us.

And when we have no one in our lives, we’re single, which is what baseball players smack when trying to start a rally. And in these Tinder times, instead of swiping right, they’ll try to swipe second base, the place where you may wind up when things are going pretty well on a date.

A kiss on the mouth is a lot prettier than a kiss off the glass and whether we grab a rebound or are on the rebound you can bet fans will remain as passionate as newlyweds on their honeymoon where they’re more concerned with hooking up than hook shots.

Don’t forget about a match, either – it’s a website to find that special someone, but also a meeting between adversaries in soccer, tennis, golf and boxing.

And while it may be true that women love bad boys, only fans of the Pistons have any affection for the Bad Boys of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Of course, love and sports isn’t always a perfect match, though -– sometimes when things go south, we 7-10 split up.

These are some of the best romance name in sports.

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