This might seem obvious to you and me since our feet are actually walking on ground in the state of Idaho, but there are more people than you think that believe Idaho doesn't really exist.

If you do a search for Idaho in the Urban Dictionary, you'll find this:

Contrary to popular belief, Idaho is in fact one of the biggest government conspiracies ever. Not a single person lives in Idaho. It is just one giant potato factory. The government pays people to say they are from Idaho...

Then, there's this guy who actually lives here, but apparently doesn't think that Idaho is a thing.

Only In Your State acknowledged last year that our existence is the most questioned aspect of Idaho. People on the Quora website ask this question all the time.

The "truth" is that this belief is actually intended to make fun of other conspiracy theories. It's called the Bielefeld Conspiracy.

If that's the case, I'm actually sad. I would love to get checks from the government just for confirming Idaho is real. I'll keep checking my imaginary mailbox for that payment.

One more proof for you. There is actually a video on YouTube that tries to explain to people where Idaho is. Really.

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