We have had a lot of restaurants come and go in the Twin Falls area. A lot of them are incredibly memorable and others you may have forgotten existed. Do you remember these Twin Falls restaurants that were here and are now gone?

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    They came in like a whirlwind and left just as fast. The Mexican restaurant chain was located where Happy Teriyaki is now. In fact, they are the ones that built that building. I don't think it lasted even a year. And I know people who never knew it existed in the first place.

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    Pita Pit

    Another restaurant chain that was short-lived in the Twin Falls area. I am not sure why it didn't go over so well, but I remember having decent food there from other locations.

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    The cafe and bakery and coffee shop was located on Shoshone where the old Smokey Bone used to be. They made great take-home meals, great coffee, and salads. They are hoping to reopen in another location at some point in the future.

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    Coop's Barbecue

    Located on Addison Avenue, the barbecue place was located in what used to be a house, as it appears anyway. Now it is a salon. It has a nice back patio on it.

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    It was an Argentinian restaurant located over by the Turf Club. The restaurant was short-lived but had some delicious empanadas. The owners had to return to Argentina due to health issues.

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    Even though their food was stellar, they were fairly short-lived as well. Located over on Addison across from Smith's where Jalisco's Taqueria is now. They started at the Pebble Ponds Golf Course, then moved there. Now, we are waiting to see if they will return.

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    River Rock Grill

    They used to be where Red Robin is now. It was locally owned by a husband and wife with lots of experience in the culinary industry. I remember their trout being really delicious.

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    Quizno's Subs

    I think everyone on the planet has forgotten about Quizno's. They had those horrifying little creatures on their commercials that constantly yelled at you that they had a pepper bar. The subs were decent though. A Subway is there now in Twin Falls.

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    Chicago Connection

    A pizza chain that is no longer around. It really is sad to say goodbye to good pizza. Thankfully, Twin has some fantastic pizza options still.

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    The crazy thing about Popeye's isn't that you forgot we had one, it is, which one do you remember Twin having? They have had three different ones. The most recent was Poleline Road. Do you remember all three locations?

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