I have to disclose that I have a great respect for gravity. Having one's feet planted firmly on the ground is highly underrated. That's why I'll never be brave enough to do what I've just seen done in two new videos from City of Rocks.

Channing Lowe shared these two videos on his YouTube channel recently, so I'm guessing he's the climber? No matter, they feature climbs on some well-known City of Rocks locations.

The one video above is on Elephant Ear. It's the Just Say No route rated a 5.9 on the Mountain Project website.

This ascent is rated a 5.7 on the Mountain Project website. I have no idea what those numbers stand for, but they both rate a "heck no" based on my skill level.

All I can say is well done. City of Rocks is an amazing place whether you climb or not. As for me, I'll stay on the Earth I was born on.

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