Deserts share some common characteristics. The weather is generally very warm, the landscape is harsh, and you'll often come across some pretty interesting rock formations. Southern Idaho is littered with incredible rocks, and some people travel great distances to see some of them.

When the topic of stones gets brought up, I think most southern Idahoans think of the City of Rocks National Reserve right off the bat. It's an incredible place that features amazing rock formations, hiking trails, and fantastic camping sites. The reserve is located 65 miles southeast of Twin Falls in the community of Almo.

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Another terrific spot to view some very cool rock faces is Balanced Rock Park. You can kayak down the river that passes through the main park and lawn area and you'll soon get a 360-degree view of freakish-looking stone walls, and the "Bat Cave" is a sight to see, which is about 120 feet or so up a sheer, basalt rock face. The famous Castleford landmark, Balanced Rock, is located less than two miles up the road from the park.

Leslie Gulch Road in the Owyhee Canyonlands south of Boise is another jaw-dropping area that features a hidden oasis surrounded by remarkable rock formations. It's a bit of a drive (200 miles) from Twin Falls, but for those that love a good outdoor expedition, it's a southern Idaho must-do.

These spots are just a couple of honorable mentions in my opinion. The Shoshone Ice Caves is another awesome spot located about 43 miles north of Twin Falls.

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