The best and worst cities for staycations have been ranked and 2 of the top 20 are within easy driving distance of the Magic Valley. If you're new to this staycation thing, it's a vacation you don't have to travel far for.

Wallet Hub crunched a bunch of numbers including the number of golf courses, tennis courts, hiking, shopping centers, water parks and all other types of summer fun things. When all was said and done, both Boise and Salt Lake City ended up in the top 20.

Source: WalletHub

Salt Lake tied for first thanks to their plethora of public golf courses which helped them rank #4 overall. Boise didn't do bad either landing at #19. They weren't best at anything on the list, but did OK in everything.

Other than the 2 big cities within driving distance of us, where in the Magic Valley would you spend your staycation if you could?

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