I came across a report that shocked me. Maybe I'm naive, but I learned that Idaho is way more dependent on the federal government than I ever imagined. Who knew?!

Wallet Hub just shared a story about the most and least independent states. Check out the ranking for yourself.

Source: WalletHub

Idaho is #27? I still find that hard to believe. But, when you look at their methodology, it adds up. Idaho is nearly at the bottom when it comes to individual financial dependency meaning we're in debt and not saving for our kid's college, etc. We also get dinged for how many days a year we have to work to cover our government taxes and the number of federal workers.

On the positive side, Idaho scored high for our job market. Our low unemployment rate and variety of job opportunities ranked us at #7 in the country in this category.

I've always thought of Idaho as fiercely independent. The fact that we are so dependent on the feds is a big surprise to me. Check out the full Wallet Hub study if you're interested to find out more.

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