Signs are an interesting thing. You see them all over the place when you are looking but if you aren't looking, you can easily miss them. How many billboards and business signs do we pass every day around the Magic Valley and how many do you actually notice? Ask any police officer and they'll probably tell you that people miss speed limit signs all the time. It's kind of crazy that we can actually tune out that much of what is around us if we want to or just aren't paying attention.

I really got a taste of this invisible sign talent we have when I went down to Centennial Park last week with the sole purpose of taking pictures of the signs. There are a lot.

What Do All The Signs Say At Centennial Park?

If you were to ask me before I went down there I would have guessed there were maybe a dozen signs. If fact there are at least double that many signs giving instructions and laying the ground rules.

20 Signs You're Probably Ignoring At Centennial Park

What Is The Most Ignored Sign At Centennial Park?

I think out of the more than 20 signs in the pictures above the most ignored is the 'Trailer Parking Area Only' sign. Almost every time I go down there I see a car or a van in that area parked with no trailer. The next most ignored is probably the biggest sign down there which gives the water rules for those on paddle boards and kayaks. I've seen the sign every time I'm there but I never actually read it until last week.

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Another ignored sign, and county rule, is the rule for keeping your dogs on a leash at all times and cleaning up after them at the park.

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