I have to admit: I learned something new today and I bet you will too. The city of Twin Falls has a very specific law about how and where you can place yard sale signs and how large those signs can be. In a YouTube video from the City of Twin Falls, they interviewed the Code Enforcement Officer Sean Standley to get a quick lesson on the city sign placement rules. In the video we learn that you can't place your yard sale signs on the sidewalk, road, or even on the power poles.

Did you know all those rules and that they apply to all types of signage? You want to do a lemonade stand, post political signs, or yard sales signs on your property they have to be out of the 'city right of way'. That means at least 10 feet away from the asphalt of the road and on private property. No street corner garage sale signs is news to me. That seems to be the most popular way to publicize a garage sale. I also didn't know that there is a limit to how large your signs can be, not that I'll ever put out a 4x8 foot sign for a garage sale but that's good to know. Full sign placement rules can be found in section 10-9-5 part D of the city ordinance.

Twin Falls Sign Ordinance

It isn't covered in the YouTube video, but there are also instances where a sign might require a sign permit and that comes with a fee. The definition of those signs, rules, and requirements are listed at tfid.org in the city ordinance amendment. If your sign doesn't fall under the fee-less category, you can fill out the sign permit checklist form online.

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If the code enforcement officer finds illegal signs, they will impound them and attempt to contact the owner of the signs. If you are found to repeatedly disobey the law you will also be fined $25 to get the sign back.

That sounds like it is going to be a bit more difficult to promote your garage sales if you plan to obey the law.

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