New data released regarding people moving out of state has found that California led the country last year with approximately 700,000 departing.

More people left California in 2018 seeking a new existence than all other states in the nation, according to new United States Census Bureau information. Census numbers conclude close to 700,000 left in total, with a little more than 500,000 out-of-staters moving in. The vast majority of those who left the Golden State moved to either Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.

Further findings revealed that more than 20,000 Californians relocated to Idaho last year. Close to 90,000 drove moving vehicles across Texas state lines, making it the year's top destination for people leaving California. Approximately 150,000 former California residents in total left for either Washington, Oregon and Nevada.

Since 2011, approximately 4.7 million people have left the state of California, according to the data. When comparing 2018 to 2017 numbers, the amount of people leaving the state increased by 30,000. Cost of living has increased dramatically in California in the past decade. Coronado, located in San Diego County, remains the most expensive region in the state to live in, according to information at

On a personal note, I moved from Northern California to Idaho in 2016 during snow-mageddon. My wife, who was born in the Bay Area, relocated to Twin Falls in her teens and attended high school here. We enjoy how close Twin Falls is still to California, as well as the slower pace.

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