I am going to pretend to be shocked by this. There is word that Californians think us Idahoans hate them. Don't you think "hate" is kind of a strong word?

This isn't a new thing. There's been a legendary dance between Idaho and California for decades, but it's just recently been brought up again by The Sacramento Bee. I will admit that I've heard some of the thoughts uttered that they mentioned. The idea that Californians have come to Idaho to inflict their California values sounds very familiar.

Years ago, I lived in southwest Colorado and I heard the same things there about Californians that I hear in Idaho. It's the old "outsiders coming here to change us" crud and it's not any more fun to listen to now than it was then. Where's the love?

The Sacramento Bee theorizes that people tend to move places where they think they'll be more comfortable. That's the thing I've never quite understood. If someone WANTS to live near you, isn't that a good thing? They must think there is something appealing about Idaho or wherever they're moving their family. But, still some resent the "outsiders".

As we've mentioned, Idaho has the 3rd highest percentage of new arrivals and that fast growth can be a scary thing.

What say you? Do you hate Californians?

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