Home security systems are a great tool to both discourage criminals from targeting a property and for producing evidence for police to work with if a theft does occur. A recent study also indicates that a good number of homeowners are using this technology for ulterior motives.

I had a problem a few years back with a Twin Falls neighbor recording my family with a cell phone from her backyard. She claimed she was documenting us playing loud music, but we knew that wasn't the case. We went back and forth verbally numerous times and even involved local police.

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We found out that in Twin Falls it's perfectly fine to record your neighbors from over a fence if there is some sort of noise disturbance, such as a dog barking excessively or loud music past a certain time at night.

In order to prevent my neighbor from recording us, I installed a fake camera about 25 feet in the air to the side of our workshop, which was positioned to make her believe our entire backyard and fenceline were under constant surveillance. I used it to attempt to get in the head of my neighbor and make her think twice about recording us.

On the flip side, there's data that suggests there are those homeowners on your Twin Falls street that are likely positioning cameras in such a way as to actually record audio and visual footage of neighbors. One in four homeowners are routinely spying with this technology, according to information found on studyfinds.org.

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