Signs work. So do speed bumps, but you need permission, assistance, and cooperation from the city and local law enforcement to enforce these types of efforts when it comes to neighborhood speeding.

I live in a neighborhood notorious for speeders. It doesn't matter how many times a person shouts, nails a sign to a tree, or mean-mugs a driver, the problem just continues occurring. Data from Progressive Insurance states that over 50 percent of accidents happen in close proximity to homes, which means there are a whole lot of drivers operating their vehicles in a reckless manner in areas they should be paying close attention to.

The normal speed limit for residential neighborhoods is 25 miles per hour. The problem is police don't generally hang out in neighborhoods, so 99.9 percent of these infractions go unnoticed and unpenalized.

Property cameras have become very inexpensive to buy. I purchased three WYZE cameras recently for under $100 and positioned them in front of my home. I now have a clear, close-up view of cars that speed past my home.

Home security cameras are listed as one of the most effective ways to stop neighborhood speeding, according to Getting together with other neighbors who also have cameras to form alliances can increase the chances of curbing the problem. This type of footage can be sent to local police departments for review.

Signs that say recordings are in progress placed in neighborhoods can also work in slowing motorists down. Do you live in a Twin Falls neighborhood that has this problem? If so, tell us about it.

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