Three people were arrested Wednesday for failing to wear COVID-19 protective masks at a church organized sing-along. The event, which was a peaceful gathering outside a government building of a north Idaho city, was touted as a mask optional event by a local church.

Moscow police arrested three individuals Wednesday, including a Latah County Republican Candidate, for being part of a planned sing-along organized by Christ Church, according to details shared by the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. Candidate for Latah County Commission, Gabe Rench (Rep), was among those arrested.

The group had gathered outside city hall, and were in the process of a joint "psalm sing" when officers intervened. The YouTube channel, Daily Theology, shared video taken at the event in a September 24 upload. There appeared to be no signs of aggression or resistance by those taken into custody.

More and more videos of this nature are being shared across U.S. news and social media sites, including recent footage of a woman being taken into custody at a youth sporting event.

The penalty (misdemeanor) for non-compliance in some cities can result in a six-month jail term, or $1,000 fine. The Christ Church is a Christian-based, evangelical church, that promotes a conservative way of life.

The Moscow City Council has a mask ordinance in effect through the end of the year, according to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. Moscow is home to the University of Idaho, and has a population of close to 27,000.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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