I could look at log cabins all day (and sometimes do). To me, there is just something about a log cabin that screams Idaho. This state is all about trying to get away from it all and embrace the nature that is around us. With that in mind, here are 3 epic log cabins that impressed me for one reason or another.

I'm no financial expert (my wife would laugh really loud at me saying that), but $275K seems like a bargain for this property. It's listed as a 1-bed, 1-bath, but seems so much larger to my eyes. The interior has that sweet log cabin vibe nailed and the fire pit on the outside is nice.

This massive 5-bed, 3-bath log cabin made my list for completely different reasons. First, the view. You literally walk out the front door to a lake. Awesome. And, the waterfall? Oh, come on. You're not even playing fair. Inside, one of the showers looks like it could have been designed by NASA.

It's not like the other log cabins are really realistic for my family, either. But, now we're really taking a trip into "Never-Going-To-Happen-Land". This epic 7-bed, 6-bath log home might just be as good as Idaho gets. The logs have a very unique cut to them. You just have to see the pics to see what I'm talking about, but mondo personality in the way this log cabin is designed. The interior has its own seated theater (with special mood lighting) and the pool table doesn't hurt either. Now, about that price. You wouldn't happen to have $2.75 million I could borrow, do you?

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