Not all Idaho history is stories of heroes and innovation. Some stories are more taboo or questionable in content. But they are still part of our history, and sometimes those racy stories and locations can become something more generally accepted over time. That's where these old Idaho brothels in Wallace shine.

The Racy History of Wallace Idaho

The buildings have a very racy history dating back more than a century to when Wallace was a busy mining town. Two of the brothels, The Lux and The Luxette, are famous for remaining open and operating as brothels into the 80s. The Lux is still open with rooms for rent, and I assume that business now is more on the legal side than before. The Lux is renovated and listed on Air BnB. Each room pays homage to the working ladies who graced the rooms in decades past.

Lux Brothel Rooms Now an Air BnB in Wallace, ID

Wallace, Idaho has a lot going on. With an origin story as a mining town, openly operating illegal brothels, and claims of being the Center of the Universe - a visit here might be a good addition to your bucket list. You can even rent this old brothel for a few nights.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

The Luxette was listed for sale in 2021 but is no longer available. You can still see pictures from the real estate post below. At this time we couldn't find any information on the status of the Luxette as a hotel or a restaurant or any other type of business.

The Luxette Brothel in Wallace, ID

The location was available for sale in 2021 but is no longer listed. You can still see the listing pictures though, below.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

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When the Luxette was listed on real estate sites, it was in need of repairs, updating, and some TLC. Zillow had the selling price at $299,000. That's not a bad price for a 6,200 square-foot place with 13 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

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