Considering our proximity to the Snake River, I'm surprised there weren't more. But, at least we have the consolation that 3 of Idaho's 10 best waterfront towns are a very reasonable drive from Twin Falls.

Only In Your State decided to do the breakdown of which towns have it going on when it comes to water in their backyard. They seemed to be looking for the lesser-known towns that don't get as much recognition. Maybe that's why some of our towns were ignored?

Hey, at least Hailey and Lava Hot Springs received the nod for being great waterfront towns. I completely understand the Lava Hot Springs mention, but frankly, I don't think of Hailey as a waterfront town.

I definitely concur on Stanley making this list. When you combine the waters there with the Sawtooth view, it's one of the best combinations in the country.

Forgive me, but I get an unhealthy amount of joy looking at a list that does not have Boise on it. Does that make me a bad person?

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