A national website just ranked the top 8 best places in Idaho to explore. 3 of them are in the Magic Valley. Take a wild guess which ones made the list and which ones didn't make the cut.

Only In Your State decided they would declare the destinations in Idaho that most make you want to explore. While I agree that their picks are worth checking out, I am mystified why they left certain locations off their list.

On the positive side, very cool to see Ritter Island in Thousand Springs State Park at #1. City of Rocks at #3 is also a no-brainer. And, my family definitely wants to check out Minnetonka Cave which landed at #5. But, how does Cauldron Linn not end up in the top 8? I'm guessing that Shoshone Falls is too conventional for them, but you would think that a kayak trip to Pillar Falls would be considered an adventure.

We have so many options in Idaho, any list that a blogger comes up with will miss the mark. What would you put on the best places to explore in Idaho?

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