The Internet decided that you don't have enough things planned this spring. That's why it decided to come up with the places you must visit this spring. As it turns out, 4 of those locations are here in the Magic Valley.

Thank the blogging folks at Only In Your State for this great honor. They declared the 14 places in Idaho you must visit this spring. Several of these are close to us and some ARE us. Here are our beloved places that made their must-visit list:

Zip the Snake - Twin Falls

All the waterfalls near Twin Falls

Seeing the Camas in bloom in Fairfield

Seeing the wildflowers of Southern Idaho

This is a nice list, but there are some places missing. What about going camping near Dierkes Lake and waking up to find a rock chuck nibbling on your toes? Or, trying to find someone using the turn lane in a proper way on Blue Lakes? RARE! So many fun things to do, so little time this spring to do them. (*sigh*)

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